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Our success depends on our employees’ motivation and teamwork. To bring out your best, we offer an attractive working environment, allow you the freedom to change between operational and management roles, and support your professional development.

A lot of consultancies follow the “up or out” principle: anyone who doesn’t reach the next rung of the career ladder within a certain period is fired. At Consileon, we don’t believe in this approach. It means the company loses specialist knowledge and wastes talent. Not to mention the fact that an excellent specialist may not be cut out for a management role. We don’t think this is a professional way to go about things. Consileon employees can and should feel at home – both in the company and in their position. That enables our people to reach their full potential.

At Consileon, you will have the opportunity to grow with the company. You will get the kind of freedom that is rarely offered in large firms. If you’re a lateral thinker, see new tasks as a chance to learn, and want to continue to develop your skills, you’ll fit right in.

Career change Opportunities

Exchange of information and dialog within the company are integral to our success. Management and team members communicate on an equal footing, and complement each other’s knowledge and skill set. Instead of a rigid hierarchy, we aim to create teams with compatible values, who can organize themselves as needed to carry out a task.

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom

As a company, we are always learning, reacting to change and striving to improve. Our employees are quickly given increased responsibility. We systematically offer further training that closes any potential gaps in your subject or method knowledge, social or management skills. Our internal courses cover everything from basic Excel skills, databases and capital markets to developing high-level business plans.
After their induction period, Consileon employees are allocated five days each year and a fixed budget for external courses or certification. You can discuss individual requirements with your supervisor.

Achieving a work-life balance

To keep our employees satisfied, motivated and at their most creative, we encourage them to have a good work-life balance. We offer the possibility of working flexible hours or part-time, to work from home or take extended time off. All this contributes to ensuring Consileon employees stay healthy and can keep up with family and other private commitments.
We also offer sports and leisure activities such as regular ski trips and activity weekends.
Especially adventurous colleagues can join the company team and take part in the yearly JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt am Main. The high points of the year include the summer fair and the Christmas party – all our employees and their families are invited.
For its culture of openness and authenticity Consileon gets the seal “open company” of the employer assessment portal kununu and our staff would recommend us as a top employer.


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