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We can’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to consultancy. But we do pride ourselves on being different from the masses.

What impact can I have at Consileon?

Our organization is as dynamic as the projects we undertake. Nothing is set in stone, and all our employees have the freedom to contribute their own ideas. As we expect our employees to think for themselves, we don’t need a whole set of internal rules and regulations.

What will I learn at Consileon?

Since our work is not restricted to any specific industry or software product, you will gain an insight into a variety of subjects, problems and methods. You can only learn some of the skills you need to be a consultant at university. That’s why we systematically offer our employees further training.

Who will be responsible for my induction?

New employees have the opportunity to work together with more experienced Consileon team members on our projects. This ensures you have direct contact with senior staff, and that you can learn from their experience and knowledge.

How much traveling is involved?

As you may already know, consultants often travel to their clients. We are no different. Generally, you and your team will be working on an ongoing project somewhere in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. However, we don’t have the usual regular Friday meetings at HQ that so many companies do. So we don’t mind where you live, whether it’s Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich or the middle of nowhere. If you don’t need to meet clients, you are welcome to work from home. Our regular company events give you the chance to meet and talk with colleagues from other areas.

What is the workload like?

As we always want to achieve the best for our customers, we do expect a lot from our consultants. We work hard, and are always expanding our horizons. This can rarely be achieved by working an eight-hour day. However, the 60-hour working weeks that are common in this business are the exception rather than the rule for us. Nor do we expect you to always be in the office. Maintaining a work-life balance is important to us – without time to rest and rejuvenate, no one can consistently achieve the high standards we demand.


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