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A team of advisors with international experience supports us with the development of our network in Germany and beyond. These experts deliver answers to strategic, organizational and HR challenges and put us in touch with local decision makers.

Dr. h. c. Petra Roth

Chairwoman of the Advisory Board, Advisor to Consileon since July 2012

Petra Roth won the direct election to the office of Lord Mayor of Frankfurt am Main thrice between 1995 and 2012.

During her tenure, she also served as president of Deutscher Städtetag, the Association of German Cities, for a total of nine years, and sat on the European Committee of the Regions (CoR).

From 1987 to 1995, Roth was a member of parliament of the federal state of Hesse (Hessischer Landtag) for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which she had joined in 1972. In 1977, she was elected to the city council of Frankfurt. Later on, she became head of the council.

At present, Roth engages in scientific, cultural and other non-profit institutions from Germany and abroad. She has received numerous domestic and foreign honours and awards, among them honorary doctorates from Tel Aviv University and Sookmyung Women’s University of Seoul, as well as the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Hendrik Borggreve

Advisor to Consileon since May 2012

After holding positions at Commerzbank and Paribas, Hendrik Borggreve became a founding member of the executive board of Lehmann Brothers AG in 1986.

Following the foundation of Kleinwort Benson GmbH in Frankfurt, the qualified lawyer was appointed to the management board in 1991. At the same time, he was a senior manager of Kleinwort Benson plc in London.

From January 1996, Borggreve was chairman of the executive board of the German subsidiary of investment bank Salomon Brothers. In 2001, he was appointed member of the management board of ABN AMRO Germany. In 2008, he transferred to the advisory board and became a member of the senior advisory council to the Royal Bank of Scotland, a successor of ABN AMRO.

Borggreve is a member of Atlantik-Brücke (an organization fostering German-American relations), the German Council on Foreign Relations, the Frankfurt Society for Science and Industry, and the friends associations of the MMK, Frankfurt’s museum of modern art, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bayreuth and Salzburg classical music festivals.

Jürgen Chrobog

Advisor to Consileon since January 2014

Jürgen Chrobog works as advisor to business leaders and politicians in Berlin. For national newspapers, he writes on foreign affairs such as political events in the Middle East.

Chrobog studied law in Freiburg, Aix-en-Provence and Göttingen. After two years working as a lawyer in Hannover, he served the Federal Foreign Office for 33 years. Positions held during that term include Spokesman, Head of Political Staff, Political Director General and, most recently, State Secretary in charge of foreign-trade policy, Third World affairs and the United Nations.

Chrobog also represented the Foreign Office abroad, for example at the United Nations in New York, as economic affairs officer in Singapore, and at the Federal Republic’s Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels. During Germany’s reunification, he served as advisor to the then minister of foreign affairs, Hans-Dietrich Genscher. From 1995 to 2001, Chrobog was ambassador to the United States. Also as of 1995, he chaired the board of directors of the BMW Foundation until 2013.

Dr. Klaus von Dohnanyi

Advisor to Consileon since January 2015

Klaus von Dohnanyi joined Consileon’s staff of internal advisers in January 2015. He holds a doctorate in law. From 1981 to 1988, he served as First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

Prior to that, he was minister of state in Germany’s foreign office, federal minister of education and science, parliamentary secretary of state to the minister of education and science, as well as state secretary to economic affairs minister Karl Schiller.

After his retirement from politics, von Dohnanyi involved himself in the economic transformation of the new federal states, acting, inter alia, as special envoy of the federal privatization agency (Treuhand). To this day, he chairs the supervisory board of an eastern German company.

From 2009 to 2014, von Dohnanyi presided over the minimum wage board of the federal ministry of labour and social affairs. In 2011, the German government appointed him to the ethics commission on nuclear-power phaseout.

As managing partner, von Dohnanyi had contributed to the expansion of Infratest, a market research and consulting firm based in Munich, from 1960 to 1968. During his tenure at Hamburg’s city hall, he founded the Hamburg Foundation for Politically Persecuted People. Von Dohnanyi has published several books and numerous articles. He is involved in further foundations and other nonprofit organizations, and acts as adviser and conciliator.

Dr. Alexander Erdland

Advisor to Consileon since October 2017

Dr. Alexander Erdland was president of the German Insurance Association (GDV) from 2012 to 2017. From 2006 to 2016, he chaired the management board of the Wüstenrot & Württembergische financial services group.

Erdland has studied business administration and law in Münster and Saarbrücken. While going to university, he also completed an apprenticeship at the savings and loan association (Spar- und Darlehenskasse) of his home town of Oelde. After graduation from business school in 1975, he went to the United States to spend a year serving an internship in a bank and continuing his studies.
Back in Germany, Erdland works as a research fellow at the chair of finance at Hagen university of distance education until 1980. Upon gaining his doctorate, Norddeutsche Genossenschaftsbank, a cooperative bank operating in northern Germany, hires him as head of board office, corporate planning and marketing.
In 1984, Erdland joins the board of directors of credit union Volksbank Elmshorn. After subsequent board memberships at central cooperative banks in Saarbrücken and Hanover, and at DG-Bank in Frankfurt, he becomes chief executive of Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall, Germany’s largest building society, from 1999 to 2006.

Dr. Jürgen Schwiezer

Advisor to Consileon since 2010

From January 2008 to December 2009, Jürgen Schwiezer, who holds a PhD in chemistry, was head of the diagnostics division at Roche.

He began his career in market research at Boehringer Mannheim. Between 1989 and 1990, he was responsible for the entire field sales department for Germany and later head of sales for laboratory systems.

In 1994, Schwiezer became head of sales in German and was appointed as a member of the executive board, becoming its chairman a year later. In 1997, Boehringer Mannheim was acquired by pharmaceuticals company Roche and has since been known as Roche Diagnostics GmbH. Schwiezer joined Roche Deutschland Holding in 1998 as vice chairman where he is in charge of the diagnostics line of business in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

In 2000, Schwiezer was made head of Roche Diagnostics. In 2007, he assumed responsibility for sales in Latin America, in addition to EMEA.

Dr. Herbert Wörner

Advisor to Consileon since 2010

Since 2002, Herbert Wörner has worked as an external partner for management consultancy Monitor (based in Boston) and for Euro Asia Consulting with sites in Munich, Shanghai and Mumbai.

Wörner has held positions on the advisory boards of several DAX companies and is currently advisor to logistics player RLG and its subsidiary CCR. In addition, he is a partner in RLG.

Wörner studied business in Würzburg, London and Mannheim and gained a doctorate in economics at the University of Mannheim. After several years in a senior position in sales at BASF in Ludwigshafen, he was appointed as chairman of the management board of a midsized company in the metal industry.

In late 1977, Wörner transferred to the department of planning and monitoring at Bosch in Stuttgart. From 1978 to 1980, he was head of the Junkers division and then chairman of the management board at Bosch’s Austrian subsidiary until 1985.

Returning to Stuttgart, Wörner was in charge for sales at the company until he became chairman of the executive board of BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte in 1987. He was responsible for 37,000 employees and revenues of 12.3 billion Deutschmarks.