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Social and corporate responsibility

The business world is an integral part of our society. It contributes to the world’s overall wealth but is also dependent on the legal and education systems, technology infrastructure and other key aspects and services. We know that doing business is about giving and taking, and we recognize our responsibilities in that co-dependence.

Corporate responsibility is not just about observing the rules of world markets, it is about respecting employees, the environment and the wider business community. Laws alone cannot govern the way people and legal entities collaborate and interact – and nor would this be desirable. Authorities, companies and citizens have the opportunity to conduct themselves in an ethical and correct manner, considering the interests of others.

Conscientious Service Provider and Employer

We have summarized our corporate culture and our responsibility to our clients in four key principles. We make our clients’ concerns our own, pinpoint risks and are committed to ensuring that our solutions are successful in day-to-day business operations.
Every year since its foundation, Consileon has created a high number of new positions with attractive remuneration packages. We offer our employees an appealing working environment, foster their development and pave the way for the right work/life balance. In addition, we offer fairly paid internships, nurturing the consulting and management talent of tomorrow.

Social Responsibility

The business world has the means to protect its own interests. The organizations and individuals who require the most support and solidarity often do not. For this reason, we regularly donate to the following charities:


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