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Company history, facts and figures

Since our foundation, we have been committed to diversifying our portfolio and revenue sources in order to ensure minimum risk to our company. This approach has enabled steady growth. Today, each and every one of our 240 consultants across five locations in Europe is working to help our clients.

2017: Participation in Lüdke + Döbele GmbH
The Consileon Group is expanding further with Lüdke + Döbele GmbH.

2016: Expansion of the Consileon Group
FiANTEC GmbH (formerly ELAXY Format GmbH) is now part of the Consileon Group.
The first of May is the 15th birthday of Consileon

2015: Extension of Advisory Board
Since the beginning of this year Klaus von Dohnanyi is part of the Advisory Board.

2014: Consileon Business Solutions
Consileon Business Solutions established.
Jürgen Chrobog becomes member of the Advisory Board.

2013: ajco
Since january this year ajco is member of Consileon Group.

2012: Austria, Syracom
Consileon Austria opens in Salzburg.
Consileon completes its acquisition of a majority stake in Wiesbaden-based consultancy Syracom.

2011: Consileon turns 10
Consileon celebrates a decade of profitable growth.

2010: Wolfsburg and Dresden
Consileon opens its Wolfsburg office in April.
Consileon opens its Dresden office in July.

2009: Onwards and upwards
Consileon’s headcount reaches 150.
Consileon’s client list grows to 60.

2008: Promotion
Consileon brings its presence to the KSC stadium, the home of Karlsruhe’s soccer team, via advertising.
Consileon opens its Düsseldorf office.
Consileon rolls out its commission-calculation system ConProv.

2007: 100 employees
Consileon’s headcount reaches 100.
Consileon launches its corporate slogan “On your behalf. At your side.”

2006: Growth
Consileon’s client list reaches 30, including leading banks, insurers, retailers, carmakers and automotive suppliers.

2005: Frankfurt and Szczecin
Consileon Frankfurt, a subsidiary of Consileon, is founded.
Consileon Poland, a subsidiary of Consileon with IT specialties, is founded.

2004: Ukraine
Consileon establishes a software development office in Kiev.

2003: Rapid growth
Consileon opens its Frankfurt office–and wins 12 clients and hires 50 employees by the year’s end.

2002: Switzerland
Consileon Switzerland, a subsidiary of Consileon, is founded in Oberwil near Basel.

2001: Foundation
Consileon Business Consultancy is founded by seven consultants in May, with its HQ in Karlsruhe, Germany.
From the outset, the business is profitable.


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