On your behalf. At your side.

This is our philosophy for helping businesses exploit their potential for efficiency, improve results and minimize risks.

Proud To Be Different

That's who we are: A business for businesses. We understand your needs. Sometimes uncovering uncomfortable truths, sometimes taking a different approach. But we are always successful.

We founded Consileon with the aim of not only defining sustainable strategies for businesses, but also of working closely with our clients to ensure their successful implementation. All too often, we had witnessed sound strategies wither away en route from the board room to company departments. Yet, there are few firms willing or able to offer consulting services and day-to-day guidance on an equal level.

Consileon is different. And this unique approach starts with recruitment – each and every one of our employees is as well versed in practical application as in theoretical knowledge. Many of them have studied at first-rate universities. All of them have a hands-on, business-like mindset. Our teams of analytical thinkers and experienced experts ask the right questions and find the right answers. Our workforce consists of people from 15 different nations, intensifying our awareness of intercultural issues. By reaching out to our subsidiaries and partners overseas, we can increase our capacity at short notice.

We draw on the expertise of our highly experienced advisors and work with leading German and US universities. This helps us remain innovative, safeguard the quality of our services and foster growth. Between 2001 and 2017, our revenues jumped from 100,000 to almost 60 million euros – making us one of Germany’s fastest expanding consultancies.

Why not put us to the test? Our philosophy captured in our slogan “On your behalf. At your side.” is our promise to you. We are a business for businesses. We understand your needs. We sometimes uncover uncomfortable truths, we sometimes take a different approach. But we are always successful.


What we demand of ourselves: As a tried and trusted partner for a full range of consulting services, from strategy to delivery, we provide one-stop solutions, enabling our clients to exploit their potential for efficiency and improve their results.

Our Reason for Being

We see ourselves as an expert partner for businesses that want to grow stronger by mastering complex problems. Our consultants make our customers’ concerns their own. Hand in hand with you, we analyze your situation and walk you through the options. Instead of focusing solely on the industry’s current hot topics, we take a long-term approach, identifying trends and anticipating future requirements.

As part of a successful, growing consultancy, Consileon’s partners and consultants are used to thinking outside the box and in a business-focused way. As external partners looking in, they can often pinpoint issues that the client has not yet picked up on or no longer notices. In line with the client’s needs and wishes, we define a best-fit solution. And we deliver comprehensive, one-stop services – from the initial concept to process optimization, through to technical execution and system operation.

After project completion, we do not simply abandon our clients to their fate. We aim for a lasting partnership. We take responsibility for the ongoing, day-to-day success of our solution, and we continue to develop it when requirements change.
Consileon has sound business knowledge and a diversified portfolio. And we strive to minimize our risks. As a result, our clients can rest assured that we will still be around whenever they might need us again.

Our Culture

We have summarized our approach to doing business in the following four principles:

We work in the spirit of partnership.

Consileon is committed to providing tailor-made, holistic consulting services. We know our clients. And our clients know us. We think and work openly, we communicate clearly and we build bridges between core competencies and IT and between senior management and the general workforce.

We are highly specialized yet highly flexible.

Consileon develops smart, made-to-measure, practical solutions to multifaceted problems. Our meticulous analysis and large degree of flexibility are a result of seamless collaboration between consultants for management, processes and IT.

We aim for long-term stability.

Our clients can truly depend on our knowledge and advice. As a stable and successful enterprise, we offer our clients total peace of mind and lasting results that develop into long-term partnerships.

We are entrepreneurs who understand the importance of sales.

We are continuously developing new business models and products. As an international consulting and software partner, we can deliver advice and assistance for projects that span geographical borders.

Consileon – who are we?

This section gives you an outline of our business philosophy – so you can see what you’re letting yourself in for! We see ourselves not just as consultants, but also as entrepreneurs. This mindset defines how we interact with each other and with our clients. It’s also a significant factor in our success.

Consileon was founded in 2001, shortly after the dot-com bubble burst. Perhaps not the best time to be starting a company. Nonetheless, we’ve been steadily increasing our number of clients and employees— as well as our revenue and profit – ever since. Even during the financial and economic crises over the last few years, our KPIs have remained stable, and we haven’t had to resort to compulsory redundancies. How many other consultancies can say that for themselves? There are many reasons for this stability – these are the most important:

We take responsibility

We take responsibility for the implementation of our solutions. Management, process and IT consultants work closely together. Our project teams comprise specialists from several areas. This fosters efficiency and innovative ideas, allowing us to take a holistic approach to key issues such as transportation or healthcare. Our ongoing success as investors supports our ability to provide investment advice to other businesses.

We design made-to-measure solutions

They come from our experts. Our highly-trained employees are used to quick thinking and coming up with effective solutions for difficult problems. They know how to ask the right questions and to find the best answers. Sixty per cent of our employees studied at elite universities, twenty per cent have PhDs, and three quarters have at least four years’ experience in the business. Our above average rate of employee retention means that the knowledge gained over our projects stays in the company.

We are pragmatic

We are pragmatic in every aspect of running our business. We don’t need status symbols like extensive offices in the best inner city location (that are barely used) or company cars. And you’ll find us in 2nd class when we travel. We don’t stay in run-down hostels, but nor do we always use five-star hotels. What’s that got to do with pragmatism? Our costs are already under control – so we won’t be compromising on service when the market takes a downturn.

We don’t sacrifice long-term planning for short-term gains

As an owner-operated company, we prioritize long-term, organic growth over instant returns. We voluntarily submit to an independent rating agency each year, underscoring this strategy. Our track record speaks for itself: almost 60 million euros in revenue, excellent ROI, a diverse customer base and successful international expansion.


On your behalf. At your side. This is our philosophy for helping businesses exploit their potential for efficiency, improve results and minimize risks.

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Consileon’s management team consists of business and IT specialists who work hand in hand. This interdisciplinary mix helps us deliver better value to our clients on a strategic, operational and technological level.

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The Consileon Group has a total of 400 employees at ten locations in five countries.

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Consileon Group

Consileon Group provides management and IT consulting services and technology solutions. Our 350 dedicated consultants deliver sustainable results for the public sector, regional businesses and global enterprises across industries.

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Since our foundation, we have been committed to diversifying our portfolio and revenue sources in order to ensure minimum risk to our company.

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The business world is an integral part of our society. It contributes to the world's overall wealth but is also dependent on the legal and education systems, technology infrastructure and other key aspects and services.

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